The international dialogue marketing specialists

Fluedis’ core activity is to provide tailor-made solutions for marketing agencies. For several years, we have been developing specific solutions for complex environments involving multiple interlocutors.

Our online applications are adapted to structures with needs such as:

   Different views according to the user’s position
   Content validation by several interlocutors
   Management of complex groups
   Industrialization of budgetary processes
   High resolution online PDF creation
   Motivation of the sales teams
   Calculation of your marketing campaigns’ return on investment
   Content customization regarding the user’s position
   Creation of graphical ergonomic interfaces
   Development costs optimization

Fluedis accompanies your project from its conception to its application and offers you its experience in order to anticipate the problematic. We will give you a flexible and robust architecture that will reduce development costs during upgrades.

As part of its projects, Fluedis takes over the maintenance of the development and production servers. The aim of this maintenance is:

   To ensure a high availability on online applications
   To minimize recovery time
   To optimize critical resources

Our goal is to ensure that a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is put into place on best conditions, and transparently.

For more information about our services, visit our parent company at

Fluedis can give you advices on choosing graphical interfaces by taking account of:

   Project designs you want made
   Your brand guideline
   User-friendliness for your visitors
   The integration of the latest technologies
    such as CSS3, HTML5
   Older browsers compatibility

Our experience with major companies from the IT sector and from the automotive industry allows you to have some important advices so the project progresses by taking into account your multiple validations needs.

If you want to limit the number of clicks per action and save time thanks to your web application, we can give you the most appropriate solutions to do so.